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The Scorpion Path: First Year

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Students become involved at NSC and feel engaged with our community. They begin to see their experience as a transformational one. They have a plan to progress through the rest of their degree at NSC, the ability and the support needed to progress to the 2nd year, and they know how to access all of the major services (financial aid, advising, tutoring, etc.). They have the opportunity to engage in a cross-cutting academic experience that gives them practice using critical inquiry to engage with real-world issues.




  • Full-time students willing to consider completing a BA/BS at NSC (as opposed to students who are taking a class but plan on transferring).
  • Part-time students who could consider shifting to fulltime and pursuing a degree.
  • Students living in our Residence Halls



Enhance Problem-Solving Skills

  • Give students the opportunity to engage in critical inquiry and problem solving with practical implications.

Recognize Student Progress

  • Celebrate the achievements of first year students.

Enhance Community & Belonging

  • Increase students’ opportunity to engage with other students and embrace our culture.

Establish Robust Degree Pathways

  • Guide students along viable degree pathways that provide multiple avenues for timely credit accumulation on the path to graduation.

Provide Superb, Proactive Academic Support

  • Increase utilization of high-quality academic support services.

Strengthen Financial Wellness

  • Provide financial support to students with unmet need and implement a process to identify students who may be struggling due to financial concerns.

Action Plan

The Action plan outlines our deliverables, project leads, and priorities.