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The Scorpion Path: Second Year

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Students from all backgrounds remain enrolled at NSC, in good academic standing, and with satisfactory progress toward their degrees. They continue to be excited about their learning experience and have a clear sense of the path they need to follow to graduate on time. They have a deeper understanding of NSC’s mission and what makes us unique. They are recognized for their accomplishments after completing their second year and passing the half-way point, and begin to experience the transformation that anchors our definition of student success.





  • Full-time students willing to consider completing a BA/BS at NSC (as opposed to students who are taking a class but plan on transferring).
  • Students at risk of being overlooked because of our focus on incoming students.



Recognize student progress

  • Use personalized messaging and public events to recognize student achievements.

Enhance community & belonging

  • Increase students’ opportunity to engage with other students and embrace our culture.

Support degree progress

  • Encourage students to develop and follow a path to graduation.

Provide superb, proactive academic support

  • Increase our overall utilization of academic support services.

Action Plan

The Action plan outlines our deliverables, project leads, and priorities.